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Atmospheric Science Undergraduate

Written Communication – Core Skill and Critical Inquiry.

  • Composition. Satisfied by ENGL 101, ACT English score of 27 or above or SAT English score of 600 or above, AP English Literature & Composition score of 3 or above, or equivalent transfer course. Requirement must be completed during initial term of admission at KU.
  • Critical Reading and Writing. Satisfied by ENGL 102, or ENGL 105 (Honors), AP English Literature & Composition score of 4 or above, or an equivalent transfer course. Requirement must be completed within the first academic year at KU.
  • Sophomore Reading and Writing II. Satisfied by ENGL 203, or ENGL 205 (Honors), ENGL 209, or ENGL 210 or ENGL 211, or ENGL 362 (ENGL 362 recommended), or AP English Literature & Composition score of 5 or above, or an equivalent.

Communication - Core Skills and Critical Inquiry. Satisfied by: Completing COMS 330 and COMS 130, COMS 131 (Honors), or COMS 150.

Humanities - Understanding the Human Condition. Satisfied by completing 1 course with requirement code H. Approved courses may be searched for availability through the Kyou portal.

Social and Behavioral Sciences - Understanding Society and Behavior. Satisfied by completing 2 principal courses in the social sciences. Approved courses may be searched for availability through the Kyou portal.

Atmospheric Science Prerequisite or Co-requisite Knowledge. Majors must complete courses as specified in each of the following areas. Majors are advised to take honors courses when eligible. These hours do not contribute to the minimum number of hours required for the major.

  • Computing and Programming. Satisfied by EECS 138 (Fortran preferred; C++ and Matlab accepted).
  • Scientific Principles of Environmental Studies. Satisfied by EVRN 148.
  • Calculus I. Satisfied by MATH 125 or MATH 145 (or equivalent).
  • Calculus II. Satisfied by MATH 126 or MATH 146 (or equivalent).
  • General Physics I. Satisfied by PHSX 211 & PHSX 216, or PHSX 114 & PHSX 201 & PHSX 216, or PHSX 213.
  • General Physics II. Satisfied by PHSX 212 & PHSX 236, or PHSX 115 & PHSX 202 & PHSX 236, or PHSX 214.
  • Foundations of Chemistry I. Satisfied by CHEM 130 or CHEM 190.
  • Vector Calculus. Satisfied by MATH 223 or MATH 243.
  • Elementary Linear Algebra. Satisfied by MATH 290 or MATH 291 .
  • Applied Differential Equation. Satisfied by MATH 320 or MATH 220.
  • Statistics. Satisfied by MATH 526 or DSCI 202.
  • Numerical Methods. Satisfied by MATH 581.

Atmospheric Science Core Knowledge and Skills. Majors must complete all of the following:

  • Introductory Meteorology (5). Satisfied by ATMO 105.
  • Climate and Climate Change (3). Satisfied by ATMO 321/GEOG 321.
  • Weather Forecasting (3). Satisfied by ATMO 505.
  • Microclimatology (3). Satisfied by ATMO 521/GEOG 521.
  • Synoptic Meteorology (3). Satisfied by ATMO 630.
  • Dynamic Meteorology (3). Satisfied by ATMO 640.
  • Remote Sensing (3). Satisfied by ATMO 642.
  • Advanced Dynamic Meteorology (3). Satisfied by ATMO 660.
  • Physical Meteorology (3). Satisfied by ATMO 680.
  • Seminar for Seniors (1). Satisfied by ATMO 697.


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